From Zuzana B via Facebook: We got Pearl in May, and we had to go out of town in July for two weeks. Being new “doggie parents”, we wanted to find a place that catered to her needs, not to ours. We looked at a couple places, many were fancy with cameras, pools, you name it. But once we checked out Ketch and met Wendy and some of the staff, we knew that was the right place for her. She got to go to daycare and play every day, and got used to having structured days. When we picked her up two weeks later, I could not believe how much more beautiful her coat looked! We also took some private lessons, and they are well worth the time and money. Pearl literally transformed. She went from being shy, to being confident and energetic, and we are ready to start taking group classes. This place shows the owners’ true passion for what they do.