What is Flyball?

GreyBCHurdle700x700Flyball is a relay race of four dogs per team. The course consists of a start line, 4 hurdles and a flyball box. The first hurdle is 6 feet from the start line, the remaining 3 hurdles are 10 feet apart, and the flyball box is 15 feet from the last hurdle. The dogs must jump the hurdles, trigger the box, catch a tennis ball, and return over the hurdles carrying the ball across the start line. The next dog cannot pass the start line until the previous dog has crossed the start line on his return run. The first team with all four dogs completing the course without errors wins the heat. The hurdles are set 4 inches lower than the height of the shortest dog running in the heat for each team.

KETCH offers all levels of Flyball Classes.

KETCH Flyball Classes

Classes are limited. To register, bring or mail your completed registration form, vaccination records and payment. Go here for the latest schedule. No aggression allowed. Private lessons available. Call the KETCH office to schedule your introduction to Flyball at 813-920-9191.

Watch a Flyball Video