Daycare could be the answer

Is your dog lonely when you leave for work? Does your house look like it was ransacked when you get home? Housebreaking problems? Does your dog think you’re his chew toy? How much did that sofa and carpet cost? Is your dog bouncing off the walls when you get home? Are your neighbors complaining about noise? Do you want your dog to be social with other dogs? With people? If the answer is YES to any of these questions, then doggy daycare could be just the ticket for your human/dog relationship!

What is a day of KETCH Doggie Daycare like?

All dogs are walked first thing in the morning so they can relieve themselves. After their walk, breakfast is served and then they are released into KETCH’S custom air-conditioned playground and/or the large outdoor playground. The dogs will play with other dogs of their size and temperament—we currently have five different play groups. They play hide-n-seek in our tunnels and mazes. If your dog is not a group player, KETCH staff will handle and play with the dog individually. Our staff consists of men and women so the dogs are socialized. All play times are supervised. They stay in their playgroups from 6 am until 3 pm. If they get tired, there are quiet areas for them to relax. At 3 pm, the dogs are escorted to their kennels, which is appropriate for their size. Kennels and water bowls are supplied by KETCH. Dogs that are boarding overnight or have a late pick up will be served dinner at 4 pm. Between 3 pm and pick up time, the dogs are hand walked in small groups at least hourly. Our kennels and bowls are sanitized every day as we pride ourselves on how clean the KETCH facility is maintained. Owners supply the bedding for the kennels and food if needed. There is so much more going on here at KETCH during the day, such as housebreaking, behavior modification, walks, etc. Your dog will never be bored again!

KETCH is located in a quiet, country-like setting at the end of a road with no outlet. The indoor flooring in our play area is specially padded, so they don’t slip and it’s comfortable for walk, run and play and helps protect the dogs from injuries that can be incurred on concrete. Our indoor play area has windows and they enjoy lots of bright, natural light. The outdoor play area is astroturf and natural grass and the dogs enjoy full sunshine there, but have access to shade and unlimited water.